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NICE! You got our sticker!!

I’m Vince and hopefully soon to be your rep at Clickarc! Either we chatted, you chatted with one of my colleagues, or you have no idea who I am and you came across my contact! So let me get right down to it…

Who are we?

We’re ClickArc, an industry leading US and International advertiser for over a decade. We specialize in the Ecommerce and Nutra verticals – All offers are owned and operated by us!

IMPORTANT: No offer of ours is brokered. WE ARE THE END ADVERTISER which comes with a TON of advantages for you as an affiliate which I look forward to getting into upon further discussion!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for affiliates that specialize in any/all methods of promotion; (Meta) Facebook, Native, Google, Email, etc.

Want to know more?

We build out products across Ecommerce and Health + Beauty verticals and we fulfill orders pretty much worldwide. We pay FAST (daily payments with scale) and we’re constantly innovating.

With us, it won’t be just a “Hey, here’s your link! Run my offer!” type of relationship. No! I provide ads and a TON of marketing materials to get you up and running quickly. Can’t say the same about my competition! In my experience, it’s harder to get you from zero to one than one to a hundred. And by providing you with ads, pre-sell pages and other assets you’ll find that it’s all the ammo you need to test campaigns quickly.

My formula is SIMPLE
Provide you with ads and winning offers!

In aggregate, my affiliates have generated in excess of a HALF of a Billion dollars under my management over the years so what’s stopping you from working with us?

On the fence or have questions?

Reach out to us directly. We will make time for you:

Vince Scholl

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @vince_scholl

Skype: vincentaffiliatelock

Mike Smutka

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @magicmikeeey

Travis Johnson

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @TravisJ

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